A Place to Call Your Own: Become a Member!

We know there’s a special place in our heart for GBS. And nobody knows that brotherhood and sisterhood feeling better than we do. Which is why more alumni like you look to us to be your connection back, your connection to fellow Gandakians, and your partner in driving success. 

The Ex-Gandaki Boarding Students’ Association (EGBOSA), invites all members of the GBS family—alumni, current students, parents, and friends—to connect with the GBS’s alumni community. This powerful network of doers spans the globe and includes virtually every profession. Here, you’ll find the events, ideas, and resources that matter to you. So, take a look around and browse. We hope you’ll come back often. And, of course, Go ’GBS!

Qualifications for Membership:

  • (General Member): Any person who has attended GBS at least one year as certified by the Office of the Registrar. Alumni Spouse can get Alumni Membership just as Alumni.
  • (Faculty and Staff): Faculty and Staff are defined as any individual that is currently employed by the GBS/GHSC.
  • (Friends of the Alumni Membership): Any person who wants to support the GBS and its Alumni Association but does not qualify under Alumni Membership.
  • Alumni Lifetime (one-time payment)
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