June 18, 2020 0 comments Egbosa USA Categories news

Dear members,

Last month, our COVID-19 project raised US$3000. Our funds have partly been used to provide groceries to 25 needy Nepalese students at Saint Cloud State University, MN who were affected by economic hardship due to COVID 19 pandemic. Thank you for your support.

We decided to use our remaining funds to help the poor and needy affected due to economic hardship in Nepal. These efforts are organized to help people in dire needs who would otherwise not receive support from the government distribution system.

Our second COVID-19 fundraising campaign is solely on humanitarian efforts like feeding the needy, providing daily essential items to people in poorly equipped government quarantine facilities, and feeding home-cooked meals to jobless people.

Your generous gift of 50$ will either feed a family for 20 days, provide essentials to 3 quarantined people or feed a jobless person for 100 days. People being left out by the government in our Nepalese society will be glad you did.

Please contribute to the ‘EGBOSA-NA COVID-19 Relief’ fund. Simply click on the following PayPal link to send donations.

Send & Request>> Enter [email protected] in ‘Send Money’ input box >> Next >> Enter the amount >> Change>> Sending to a friend (this way PayPal does not charge 2.9%+ 30 cents per transaction to EGBOSA).

Join us in our monthly executive committee meeting to learn more about our COVID 19 projects in the USA and Nepal.

Mohan Gyawali