EGBOSA community BBQ party in DC

June 10, 2019 0 comments Egbosa USA Categories newsTags , , ,

The GBS alumni living in the Greater Washington Region (Maryland & Northern Virginia) came together on 6th June 2019 for a BBQ party to commemorate the 54th ‘GBS Foundation Day’.

“It’s just a good feeling to be able to meet with fellow ex-students of GBS.” Hari ‘Rasik’ Ghimire, the host and organizer of the BBQ/Dinner, said. “The BBQ party was epic! It was a sea of food, fun, and love.” Prakash Nepal, one of the most senior members of the event, added.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response from the EGBOSA community in DC, they are going to hold similar events throughout the year. Alumni are encouraged to organize similar events in their respective cities/states. Please send pictures of those festivities to [email protected] so that we can post them to our webpage and Facebook page.

For DC metro, please contact the following members:
Prakash Nepal – [email protected]
Hari Rasik Ghimire – [email protected]
Suresh Sapkota – [email protected]